Minecraft Server




  1. Be Respectful
  2.  No Racism / Derogatory Comments
  3. No Spamming
  4. No Griefing – This includes anywhere within the world. (Lava Casts and general Griefing NOT ALLOWED!)
  5. No Building within 1000 Blocks of spawn, anything that is placed will be automatically wiped
  6. No Offensive Builds, names or skins.
  7. No Hacking/Glitching (Duplication, X-Ray, Flying)
  8. No Killing anyone in the world until PVP events.


  1. Fill out this form by providing honest and accurate information.
  2. Follow Omen Community here
  3. Join the Omen Discord here
  4. Provide your Minecraft Username (We utilize a whitelist system)
  5. Inform us of how you found out about the Omen Minecraft Server (Example: Omen Community Twitter)


  1.  Factions – This is NOT a factions server, but we are utilziing the factions plugin due to its useful features. This is to help to prevent griefing peoples bases and keeping their valuables safe until a PVP event, in which this plugin will be disabled. It works based on Power, each individual player will have a maximum of 10 power, and a max of 4 people per team, giving that faction 40 power and the ability to claim chunks. Visit the plugin website here
  2. McMMO – McMMO’s main function is to incorporate an RPG-like skill system that players will have access to right from the beginning. Depending on how much a certain tool is used or a certain action is performed, players will gain experience that will eventually add bonuses such as double drops, rare drops, or ability enhancement. Visit the plugin website here
  3. TreeFeller – This plugin is used to make cutting down trees a lot easier, all you have to do is use any Axe apart from the wooden one. Hit one piece of the tree, and it will fall, dropping all the wood. It will still use the durability in your axe.
  4. Sleep Most – Only half of the server will need to sleep to skip night.




/Craft : Have a crafting table at your disposal all the time

/Trash : A Lava pit on your person so you can dispose of stuff!

/Top : Don’t want to mine out? Just use this command and teleport to the surface

/Hat : Put whatever is in your hand on your head!

Mob or Animal Spawner of your choice to be placed in your chosen position.

Custom Chat name colour



/Anvil : No need for creating an anvil, just use the command!

/Home : Teleport to your Home

/warp : 1 Additional Teleport

Custom Item name (Including Colours and effects on the name).

Particle Effect on your Character



/Fly : Fly within your claimed land

/setwarp : 2 Additional Teleport

Unfair Enchantment – Get yourself a Sharpness 6 Sword or Axe!

NOTE: If you buy tier 2 you will get tier 1 rewards, same as if you buy tier 3 you will receive tier 1 and tier 2 rewards.